Why Choose Emerald Consulting Ltd?

Why Choose Emerald Consulting Ltd?

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  • World-class corporate solutions, financial and legal consulting firm in Cyprus. For over 20 years, Emerald Group of Companies has provided professional business consulting and corporate services to companies as well as individuals in Cyprus and overseas.

    Why Choose Emerald Consulting Ltd – a Firm with a Broader Range of Services?

    The saying “a Jack of all trades is a master of none” does not apply to fiduciary services. At Emerald Consulting Ltd, with over 24 years of experience, we believe it is better to select a one-stop shop that manages all your affairs rather than juggling multiple firms.

    We combine expertise across various disciplines, including corporate structuring, fiduciary services, trade activities, elite real estate investments, and acquisitions of planes and yachts. This wide-ranging expertise enables us to cater to our clients' multifaceted needs, offering tailored solutions based on a deep understanding of the legal and business landscape in Cyprus.

    Why We Excel

    Our employees are specialists in their respective fields, whether it is accounting, tax, law, immigration, corporate services or compliance. Despite the diverse nature of our services, they all require impeccable attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of Cyprus’s legal realities. Every member of our team is an expert in their field, working together to approach complex challenges. Emerald’s ability to integrate these services seamlessly showcases our commitment to quality and value-added service.

    Why Choose a One-Stop Shop?

    Saves Time

    Working with a firm like us comes with significant time savings. With an intimate knowledge of our clients’ needs and backgrounds, we can offer solutions without the constant back-and-forth typical of dealing with multiple service providers.

    Provides Comprehensive Solutions

    When a firm manages most of its client’s affairs, it does not need additional context and clarifications to address new challenges. Our clients benefit from seamless service delivery as we handle everything from corporate structuring to residency requirements.

    Adapts to Your Needs

    Your needs change over time, and so do our services. It is crucial for us to adapt to what you need. Some clients come to us for corporate structuring assistance or immigration services, but later need to legal assistance to sell a house or buy a boat, or expand their business internationally, seeking our compliance expertise and utilizing our broad network. The relationships we form with clients from the first day lead to cooperation for years to come.

    Choosing a firm that manages all your affairs under one roof, like Emerald, is a strategic decision. It not only saves time but also ensures that all aspects of your business and personal affairs are managed with expertise and precision. For individuals and corporations
    in Cyprus, Emerald represents a one-stop shop for comprehensive, high-quality corporate, advisory and many other related services.

    Emerald Group : your One-Stop Shop for consulting services

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    ● Incorporation of Cyprus Companies, Partnerships and Branches.
    ● Registration and Management of Trusts.
    ● Corporate Secretarial Services.
    ● Set up of Office / Recruitment of Staff.
    ● Compliance and Due Diligence reports and procedures.

    ● Representation of clients' interests in government agencies and before private legal entities and individuals
    ● Participation in negotiations on behalf of the client
    ● Drawing up contracts/agreements of any kind, legal documents, resolutions, powers of attorney, letters, notices, declarations, agreements of all types
    ● Preparation of legal opinions
    ● Support of real estate purchase and sale transactions.
    ● Documentation for compliance with European General Data Protection Regulations legislation.
    ● Preparation and carrying out loan capitalizations
    ● Amendment and revision of the charter of legal entities with subsequent registration and certification of changes in the Court.
    ● Preparation of Shareholder Agreements, Memorandums, Pledge Agreements, Trust Agreements, Escrow Agreements and other internal documents
    ● Audit and preparation of all types of corporate registers of legal entities.
    ● Working with different types of Trust Agreements and their preparation.
    ● Organisation of procedures and preparation of accompanying documentation for corporate mergers.
    ● Support of redomiciliation of legal entities.

    Financial (bookkeeping / banking)
    ● Opening bank accounts
    ● VAT consultations
    ● Tax consulting
    ● Obtaining a tax number
    ● Accounting
    ● Registration of Non-Domicile status
    ● Social Security Registration
    ● Payroll
    ● Accounting
    ● Audit

    ● Temporary residence permit with the right to work.
    ● Temporary residence permit without the right to work.
    ● Permanent residence decisions.
    ● Expedited acquisition of permanent residence permits for stopovers.
    ● Citizenship applications.
    ● Cooperation with HR departments of large companies.

    Contact Emerald Consulting Ltd at via email Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. or call +357 25 839777
    Read more on the website groupemerald.com and social media:@emeraldgroupcy on Instagram and Emerald Group of Companies on Facebook and LinkedIn

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