Pedalion Yachting: Our Passion for the Sea Could No Longer Be Postponed!

Pedalion Yachting: Our Passion for the Sea Could No Longer Be Postponed!

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    A new project in the luxury yachting sector, Pedalion Yachting, is successfully developing in Cyprus. The company, which has Greek roots, has already won several prestigious international awards. How do they manage to provide the highest level of comprehensive service for their clients? What questions should you ask yourself before buying a yacht? What are the latest trends in the yachting industry? "Successful Business" discussed these topics with the project's founder, Constantinos Papaloukas, and the development director, Katerina Barka.

    Can you tell us about your background and what led you to start Pedalion Yachting? How did you come up with the name "Pedalion”? Is there a story behind it?

    CP: Pedalion Yachting was established in 2020 during the pandemic, a time when life slowed down, priorities shifted, and many of us began to reflect on our deeper thoughts and desires. At the time, we were living in Greece, where boating is an integral part of summer life for both locals and visitors. A group of sea and boat enthusiasts came together, determined to create a great story that would inspire Cypriots to reconnect with their maritime heritage and revive their love for sailing and yachting.

    KB: For us, it was the realization that our passion for the sea could no longer be postponed! We were always struck by the sight of the empty seas during our drives from Paphos to Ayia Napa, where we would count at most 5-6 boats, a stark contrast to the islands of the Aegean, where the horizon is filled with sailboats and mega yachts. This inspired us to establish Pedalion Yachting having our base in the brand new Ayia Napa Marina.

    CP: Many visitors to the island are eager to explore the clear blue waters and beaches of Agia Napa and Protaras, most of them aiming to reach Cape Greco. Inspired by this, we named our company Pedalion, reflecting the ancient name of the cape before the Venetians arrived.

    Pedalion Yachting offers more than just yacht sales. What other services do you provide that set you apart from other yachting companies in the market?

    CP: Pedalion Yachting is built on three main pillars. First, our Yacht Management services have earned us recognition from the Luxury Awards of New York as the best Yacht Management Company in the region. Second, we offer a wide range of boat sales, with exclusive partnerships with renowned shipyards mainly from Italy and France. Our inventory includes motorboats, sailboats both monohulls and catamarans. Third, our Chartering services allow boat owners to generate income by leasing their boats when not in use, similar to the model in Greece.

    Throughout this process, Pedalion handles boat registration, ensures the proper flag for the owner's intended use, and selects crews tailored to the owner's needs. We have strong relationships with industry professionals, particularly in Greece, including ship surveyors and various specialists, to guarantee the highest efficiency in all our services.

    KB: Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to provide a seamless experience for those purchasing a boat with us, offering comprehensive support both during and after the sale. Often, the complexities associated with owning a new boat can be discouraging. We strive to alleviate these concerns by managing all aspects of boat ownership, from routine cleaning and preparation to crew management and maintenance. Additionally, we offer short-term leasing options so owners can enjoy income when their boats are not in use, ensuring peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

    Tell us a bit about the shipyards you collaborate with. What boats can someone buy in Cyprus through Pedalion?

    CP: We are currently in discussions with several shipyards that we believe that will be significant additions to the current fleet of Cyprus, but for the moment I can only announce 3 of them, all from Italy! Starting with Apreamare, a top shipyard of the Aprea family that creates boats of traditional Mediterranean style and beauty with exclusive Italian design. Mr. Aprea created a boat that combines the speed of a fast boat with a traditional refined walk-around deck. Also, we collaborate with Cantieri Comitti, originating from Lake Como in Italy, which has created a collection of boats with a more vintage style for selective buyers. Finally, Lilybaeum, a new shipyard of smaller "day-cruisers" created by a wonderful team of young entrepreneurs in Sicily, which was recently a finalist for the Innovation Award at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. Gradually, the rest of the brands we exclusively represent in Cyprus will be announced.

    What advice would you give to someone considering buying a boat for the first time? How do you assist them in this process?

    CP: Purchasing a yacht is a significant commitment, and it is essential to carefully consider the motivations and intended use of the vessel —whether for simple day-cruising or longer voyages in Cyprus, Greece and the Mediterranean. The next step is to establish a clear budget, which will help in reviewing suitable options. It is also advisable to decide in advance if the yacht will be chartered, as this consideration can influence the type of yacht selected the size and the layout given the potential return from charters. Moreover, once the purchase is made, we provide comprehensive support with paperwork, logistics, registration, insurance policy, maintenance, management, crewing and everything else that will make things easier for our client.

    KB: Navigating the various parameters involved in purchasing a yacht might be complex. Therefore, we dedicate substantial time to understanding the needs of our prospective clients to assist them in making the best choice. We ensure that they see a wide range of options through an open dialogue communication with our shipyards, ensuring they feel confident in their decision. Owning a yacht should be a source of joy, and we aim to alleviate the associated challenges.

    What trends are you seeing in yacht design and technology that potential buyers should be aware of?

    CP: The yacht industry is experiencing significant advancements, with trends focusing on sustainability through hybrid propulsion systems and eco-friendly materials, we see more frequent use of carbon fiber or batteries or the entry of new fuels such as hydrogen with fuel cells. And then smart technology integration for enhanced automation and connectivity, and customizable multifunctional spaces to cater to various activities.

    KB: Additionally, there's a growing emphasis on wellness and luxury amenities, such as expansive outdoor living areas. There is a strong trend to embrace the “living on the sea” spirit and this is something we feel that our selected brands are taking this quite seriously as most of their yachts have a tailored-made design that serves each owner’s preferences.

    Are there any upcoming projects or expansions that you are excited about?

    KB: We are particularly excited about the new partnerships we are establishing with several renowned shipyards, which we will be announcing soon. Additionally, apart from our Ayia Napa Marina Office which is set to have its official opening this summer, we are looking into expanding to other locations.

    CP: We are also in the process of launching a sailing school, which will offer private and group classes tailored to prospective yacht owners and aspiring skippers. These initiatives reflect our commitment to expanding our services and enhancing the yachting experience for our clients but also covers our need to give something back to Cyprus and help the revival of the nautical heritage of the island.

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