Winners of the Quadcode HackAIthon 2024 Announced

Winners of the Quadcode HackAIthon 2024 Announced

  • Четверг, 20 июня 2024 12:39
  • The highly anticipated IT event of the year, Quadcode HackAIthon 2024, concluded last week with Team TradePal emerging as the champions. Following a fierce 2-day competition, the winning team showcased an innovative AI-powered browser extension aimed at transforming chart analysis for traders at every skill level. TradePal’s solution utilizes cutting-edge computer vision technology to swiftly recognize candlestick patterns in trading charts, offering real-time insights and educational tools to boost traders' effectiveness. Team Rare Pepe and Team Finbot secured the second and third prizes, respectively.

    The event, which took place at the Warehouse by IT Quarter, opened with an insightful speech by Mr. Demetris Skourides, the Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology of the Republic of Cyprus. More than 70 participants and over 150 guests had the opportunity to witness a unique hackathon experience. Unlike any other event, it combined intensive coding sessions with public keynote speeches and workshops, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment for learning and innovation.

    After a rigorous selection process, 10 out of 24 teams advanced to the final round and pitched their ideas in front of the judges. The judges, a panel of esteemed industry experts from leading tech and financial organizations, were highly impressed by the innovative solutions presented at the hackathon.

    Winning Teams and Their Innovations:

    First Place: Team TradePal

    Solution: TradePal, an AI-powered browser extension designed to revolutionize chart analysis for traders of all levels.
    Description: Using advanced computer vision technology, TradePal instantly identifies candlestick patterns in trading charts, providing real-time insights and educational resources. This user-friendly extension focuses on personalized learning experiences, enhancing the traders' performance by analyzing chart screenshots. This innovative approach secured them a well-deserved prize of €30,000.

    Second Place: Team Rare Pepe

    Solution: A Chrome extension that revolutionizes financial market trading by analyzing and highlighting market-related insights directly in the browser.
    Description: Utilizing advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) for semantic analysis, this extension quickly interprets the financial significance of news articles. It enhances traders' decision-making by shortening the reaction time to news triggers, boosting client engagement, and enhancing user satisfaction. Their significant achievement was recognized with a non monetary prize of €7,500.

    Third Place: Team Finbot

    Solution: FinBot, a personalized AI-powered trading assistant designed to simplify trading for inexperienced users.
    Description: FinBot enables trades through natural language, targeting the low trust and high intimidation barriers of traditional trading platforms. It provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that guides users in their trading journey, enhances user confidence and engagement, and ensures a seamless experience. Their project was awarded with a non monetary prize of €2,500.

    "These two days were very intense. Most of our team stayed overnight coding to make this project work. Several hours before submitting the MVP, nothing was working, but eventually, we cracked it and managed to upload within the timeframe. And yes, the rest is history. We would like to thank Quadcode for organizing this amazing event and for their support to all the teams. Everything was great!" said the leader of Team TradePal.

    "You are all winners" said Sergei Dobrovolskii, Founder and CEO of Quadcode to all participants. "If you believe in your idea, go for it, as only customers will be your true judges!"

    Felix Vladimirsky, CRO of Quadcode, added, "I've seen your hard work all these days, and I can tell ideas are amazing. I am sure that most of your ideas will move forward and make a great change."

    The event was proudly sponsored by ECOMMBX as the Quantum Sponsor and AdTech Holding and Roosh Circle as the Silver Sponsors, with additional support from Capacitor Partners and TechIsland as community partners.

    Quadcode wishes to thank all participating teams for their hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit. The success of Quadcode HackAIthon 2024 is a testament to the evolution and transformation of the financial trading industry. See you all next year!

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