Shake hands with the leading private equity and venture capital investors in Limassol this October

Shake hands with the leading private equity and venture capital investors in Limassol this October

  • Пятница, 08 октября 2021 11:18
  • Don’t pass up the opportunity to meet over 120 leading Private Equity & Venture Capital professionals from the ßMiddle East and Europe this October, in Limassol, Cyprus.

    0100 Conferences Cyprus edition will bring together senior fund managers, investors as well as leading service providers. Moreover, you will be able to connect and exchange best practice ideas with other VIP attendees from the Reflect Festival.

    The aim of the conference is to bring capital in the region, contribute to the development of the growing tech ecosystem, and to make Cyprus attractive for international funds. Cyprus has unlocked doors of opportunities for investors by transforming the country into an investment-driven nation. In addition, Cyprus is literally at a crossroads. Located at the intersection of Europe, Africa, and Asia, it's inevitable that Cyprus would emerge as a tech and entrepreneurial hub.

    "We are very excited to be joining the 0100Conference in Cyprus and to be further meeting prominent startups on the island. Cyprus has several great success stories so far, with many more in the making. The startup ecosystem is ripe and definitely on our radar as an investor supporting founders in Southeast Europe,” says one of the conference speakers Daniel Tomov, Managing Partner at Eleven Ventures.

    About Reflect Festival

    Since 2018, Reflect has gradually become the most impactful event in Cyprus and the region. 0100 Conferences will be the main investors event at Reflect Festival. With focus on diversity and inclusion, Reflect is gathering more than 3000 entrepreneurs, businessmen, academics, investors and enthusiasts, eager to build their business and personally grow, meet, chat, listen, and learn. Reflect covers the intriguing aspects of the future including technology, society, business & entrepreneurship, sustainability, politics, money, health, and relationships.

    “The goal is to maintain a platform that encourages interesting international collaborations and growth of new projects. Cyprus is currently on an impressive journey towards becoming a global entrepreneurial hub: and our role is to direct investors towards the potential present in this uniquely positioned country,” says Dusan Duffek, Co-Founder at Reflect.

    0100 Conference Cyprus Program

    During the program you will learn from 20+ market experts who will share their knowledge and expertise on the topics such as “Why and how to set up a fund in Cyprus”, “Fundraising – What were the lessons learned from the past year?”, “New opportunities in the VC market: How to spot great early stage deals?”, “Value creation in Private Equity and Venture Capital” and more

    Networking breaks are perfect chance to build meaningful connections with the private equity thought-leaders from funds like Beechbrook Capital, Multiple Capital, Quadriga Capital, Eleven Ventures, Digital Horizon VC, Impetus Capital, Atmos Ventures and many others.

    Speakers and sponsors will have the opportunity to join a VIP Dinner after the conference, which gives you even more opportunities to connect with your peers and the latest news and insights from industry experts.

    The 0100 Conference Cyprus is powered by the following sponsors:
    KPMG Cyprus, Hellenic Bank and CPM Group (CPM/CPF).

    Don’t miss this unique networking opportunity to attend Reflect and 0100 Conference at the same time. Our guests will be allowed to join Reflect festival together with some of its networking events.

    We look forward to welcoming you in Limassol on the 13th of October 2021.


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