Successful Business Leaders’ Club

Successful Business Leaders’ Club

  • Четверг, 03 февраля 2022 12:42
  • This entity is a private club founded by Natalia Kardash with the aim to provide a platform for her personal business network to meet online or offline on a regular basis. The Club organises and supports events, workshops, presentations, get-togethers, seminars, conferences, etc.


    The Club members brainstorm innovative ideas and solutions, discuss inventions and progress on current and forthcoming developments, gain insight about the business community and news both about Cyprus and internationally.
    There are three club bodies: Cyprus Business Network in LinkedIn, Online Business Club, and Economic Diplomacy Council.


    ● The Founder of the Club invites each member personally.
    ● The Club consists solely of individuals whom the Founder knows personally and works with through one of her business projects.


    Members: businesspeople at all levels of corporate structure.
    ● This is a private group, membership is 'by invitation only'
    ● International and local connections of Ms Kardash
    ● Daily posts introducing members to each other
    ● Currently the network has 600+ members from 12 countries. The aim is to bring together (and introduce to each other) most of the personal contacts of Ms Kardash (people from at least 30 countries).


    Members: CEOs, founders and shareholders, senior management of businesses located in Cyprus and abroad, local and international entrepreneurs.
    ● Members have the opportunity to participate in at least 20 online activities a year: private introductions, thematic discussions, seminars, workshops, lectures, presentations
    ● Events are organised online, via Zoom
    ● Once a year an offline event is held in Cyprus
    ● Ms Kardash will ensure that online meetings allow each member to network with at least 100 club members.


    Members: only Owners/Founders/Chairpersons or CEOs of internationally oriented business are accepted as members of the Council.
    ● The Council accepts 6 new members each month
    ● The business should be internationally represented or addressed to foreigners
    ● The member of the Economic Diplomacy Council must hold executive positions for the period of at least 5 years
    ● Each member is invited to 10+ offline events per year
    ● The physical events are organised for groups of 6-8 people (coffees, lunches, dinners) or up to 15 people (thematic meetings). Twice a year the Council runs events where all its members gather together.
    ● Over one calendar year, every member meets all the members of the Council at least once.
    ● Economic Diplomacy Council members have complimentary access to the network of the Online Club and its meetings.


    ● Participation in the Cyprus Business Network (LinkedIn Private Group)
    ● Personal introductions to other SBL Club members
    ● Access to a big library of video files with recording of previous events, meetings and seminars (the ‘archive’ files are available for free or with up to 80% discount)
    ● Direct communication with Ms Kardash with a possibility to request a private online/offline meeting for advice on business development, networking, PR and GR
    ● 20% discount to participate in Vestnik Kipra’s business events
    ● 20% discount on the services provided by the Vestnik Kipra Group (online and offline advertising, PR, social media, translation)
    ● Discounts provided by the Club Partners, at selected restaurants and hotels.


    Please request more information from Ms Lusine Mirzoyan, Business Relationship Manager at Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра., or +357 99 656 432.


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