Scaleup: Competitive Differentiation for Business Growth in Cyprus & beyond

Scaleup: Competitive Differentiation for Business Growth in Cyprus & beyond

  • Среда, 22 мая 2024 12:16
  • It's easy to dominate the market when you're the only one. On the 03rd of June Factory 39 organizes a workshop which will help you outmanoeuvre the competition to do exactly that.

    Any company whether B2B or B2C need a strong brand to stay competitive and operate efficiently locally or globally.

    A brand that shifts focus from beating the competition on price and depending on existing customers to attracting new ones. A brand that will help you charge more and detach from competitors. The journey begins by stepping away from the crowd and carving out a unique space to call your own.

    Discover the secrets to carving out a distinctive position in your customers' minds. At the workshop you will learn same tested frameworks and 'thinking' that have been used by some of the world's biggest brands globally.

    This is an in-person interactive workshop led by 3 international strategists with a deep understanding of the strategies needed for growth-stage companies. It will arm you with the know-how as well as practical strategic frameworks you can implement immediately helping your company scale-up to the next stage of growth.

    Workshop Goals:

    Inform future marketing efforts:
    Clarity is King. This workshop is designed to teach you how to craft compelling points of differentiation, 'design' new customers and identify a unique value proposition that will make marketing easier and more effective.

    Strategic Positioning for Market Expansion:
    Equip leaders with the tools to analyse new markets, understand competitive landscapes, and successfully position their company for expansion, from Cyprus to the world.

    Building a Resilient Corporate Culture:
    Your internal story impacts the external one. The experts will guide you to shape a culture that is aligned on collective goals, supports transition, encourages innovation, and maintains employee engagement and loyalty through periods of change.
    Leadership Transition in Family Businesses:
    Generational change in family-owned companies is challenging. You will learn about strategies that will help you navigate this pivotal moment for your business, maintaining brand heritage while ensuring you continue to innovate for growth and remain relevant for the future.

    Brand Evolution:
    Finding a space you can call your own is great. Keeping it is gold. At the workshop you will receive guidance through shaping your brand today and for the future, ensuring that your brand identity and corporate strategy are always aligned.

    Why Attend?

    The Scale-up workshop goes beyond traditional business workshops, offering a deep dive into the specific challenges and opportunities presented by corporate transitions.

    Whether your company is exploring new markets, undergoing a generational leadership change, or seeking to redefine its strategic direction, this workshop will provide the knowledge, tools, and confidence to navigate these changes successfully.

    Who Should Attend?

    - Senior executives and management teams of corporations based in Cyprus, facing or planning significant transitions.
    - Startup founders looking to maximise limited resources.
    - Family-owned businesses preparing for generational leadership changes.
    - Companies at a strategic crossroads, looking to redefine their growth strategies and brand positioning for new market realities

    Tickets and more information

    Materials are presented by Factory 39

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