Klim Ovsiannikov: “Security is paramount”

Klim Ovsiannikov: “Security is paramount”

  • Среда, 28 февраля 2024 09:28
  • Successful Business talks to COO and co-founder of Talesso Tech, who shared how to best protect personal data, why neural networks are already changing our world today, and what is important for aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Klim, your security systems are now installed in many offices and homes in Cyprus. Tell us how it all began?

    It all started with a small dream - to create a biometric system that would be intuitive and easily accessible to everyone who is open to new things and wants to keep up with the latest advancements in science and technology.

    Why did you choose the biometric security segment for your business?

    For every person, security is paramount. Today, Biometric identification is one of the most reliable methods of protecting personal data, and its importance grows with each passing year. The demand for such systems is increasing both from private individuals and from companies and government organizations. In our case, demand drives supply, and we see our mission in satisfying this demand by offering innovative solutions.

    What distinguishes your biometric access control system from others available in the market?

    The distinctive feature of our system is the use of our own developed neural network. We approach each project individually, offering solutions that precisely match the client’s requirements. Additionally, we can adapt our product to perfectly address the tasks at hand.

    What key security issues do your products solve?

    In our access control and management system (ACMS), we emphasize facial recognition for authentication, eliminating the need to carry plastic cards and key fobs. This not only provides convenience but also ensures reliability, as our neural network can detect attempts at deception. The same technology is applied in our products for document recognition, effectively distinguishing genuine passports and IDs from counterfeits.

    Speaking about video analytics, our neural network is capable of quickly identifying the right person in a vast array of video data.

    What projects are you currently working on?

    Our team is actively preparing to participate in a tender organized by the Ministry of Health in Cyprus. The goal is to supply advanced access control systems for healthcare facilities.

    We are also actively developing our flagship project, "Overty", which integrates all key innovations from Talesso Tech. This project spans from Access Control and KYC (Know Your Customer) automation to cutting-edge video analytics.

    Which industries and sectors can effectively use your products?

    FinTech Companies, Banking Sector, and Financial Institutions. Moreover, our biometric solutions are ideal for any application or project where identity authentication through photos or document scans is necessary. For example, car-sharing services can benefit from our technology. We are glad to offer our services to organizations in both private and public sector.

    Can you give some successful cases of the use of your technology products by your clients?

    Our successful projects are not just descriptions; they are tangible experiences on the streets of Limassol. Many clients approached us after seeing our devices in offices or stores. Our biometric system not only ensures secure entry and exit but also provides accurate employee time tracking. Implementing our biometric solution enhances efficiency, maintains discipline, and simplifies HR monitoring.

    What do you think about the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in future access control?

    AI is already simplifying our lives, speeding up processes, and making them more efficient. In the future, AI will further integrate into everyday life, making access control systems fully autonomous. Thanks to AI, manual passport scans, passwords, logbooks, and document handling will become obsolete. Currently, we can precisely track who is present, in what quantity, and for how long in real-time. The future holds even more possibilities.

    What advice would you give to the tech entrepreneurs?

    Clearly define what you offer and identify your target audience. Understand your unique value proposition and how it addresses specific needs. Don’t be afraid of difficulties because it is precisely before dawn that the night seems darkest. I wish you success in your endeavors and never lose hope.



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