5 Reasons Why Companies Choose to Become Great Place To Work-Certified™

5 Reasons Why Companies Choose to Become Great Place To Work-Certified™

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  • Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. With a presence in 90 countries, it surveys, every year, 10,000 companies and uses these survey insights to define what makes a great workplace experience.

    It helps organizations quantify their culture and produce better business results by creating a high-trust work experience for all employees. The certification badge and recognition practices help companies showcase their workplace culture and enhance their employer branding.

    For HR leaders, there are few milestones that hold as much pride as becoming Great Place To Work-Certified™. It signals to the world that they have created a company culture that employees love.
    When you become Certified, you earn more than just a shiny badge.

    These are the 5 reasons why companies choose to become Great Place To Work-Certified™.

    1. Recruit top talent and increase your offer acceptance rate

    Recruitment and especially attracting top talent is increasingly becoming a major challenge especially in some industries. Improving the company’s Employer branding is now essential. The globally recognized Certification badge acknowledged as the most credible accreditation of premium employers is an invaluable asset for the Employer branding.

    Great company culture is now a prerequisite for job seekers. They are using Certification to help them validate employer claims and weigh up job offers.

    Certification signals that current employees endorse their organization’s culture and leadership. It tells candidates that employees feel supported and would recommend their workplace to others.

    Great Place To Work customers who have been creatively using the certification badge in their communication mix confirm that both the quantity and quality of interest and applicants interested in their job openings increases.

    Great Place To Work will celebrate and showcase your success on its social media platforms and in cooperation with its media partners, The Phileleftheros Group.

    Every Certified company earns a profile presence on the Great Place To Work website. You can share company details and any other recognition earned on the Best Workplaces lists. Certified companies often link to their profile from their careers page to provide third-party validation of their exceptional company culture.

    2. ​Measure and improve your company culture against specific metrics

    Certification depends mostly on the results of your Trust Index™ survey – the industry standard for measuring employee experience.

    Upon collecting your employee survey responses, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your company culture. You’ll get insight into areas such as perceived fairness, feelings of belonging and perception of leadership.

    The survey analysis step in Certification gets you inside the heads of your people and will give you a clear view of your culture strengths and areas of opportunity. Experience demonstrates that the analysis encourages and facilitates companies to embark on a continuous improvement process. Once your company is Great Place To Work-Certified, you will automatically be considered for inclusion in its Best Workplaces lists. Successful recognition on these lists creates more opportunities to stand out as a top employer.

    3. Build employee pride

    All employees want to be part of something special. Getting Great Place To Work-Certified builds pride among your workforce.

    People are who you tell them they are. If you tell someone they are great and worthy, they’re going to aspire to be great and worthy. If you continue to tell your team members you are a great place to work, they will continue to make your company a great place to work.

    Raising awareness of your Certification among current employees is akin to promoting your company values, mission, and culture. Certification reinforces that you are a company that cares. A company that puts people first.

    Because employee opinions dictate the results – it’s a reminder that, yes, your company is a great place to work. Earning Certification is a cause to celebrate – a reason to thank your employees. So, rally your team around this win and celebrate – Great Place To Work has many ideas to help you do this.

    4. Add more value to your corporate image

    Companies share the news of their Certification success with key stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, and partners. This effectively demonstrated to them that the company has a positive workplace culture, and this positively impacts the way the company does its business and interacts with its stakeholders

    5. A low cost and simple to manage process

    All these benefits are the result of a low-cost process – a tiny fraction of the payroll cost. Being a digital process makes the work input on behalf of the customer minimal. The designated Customer Success Manager assigned to each customer makes sure that this is a trouble free, efficient and enjoyable journey.

    As you can see, recognition is just the cherry on the sundae with Certification. Make your employees proud, recruit top talent and find gaps in your HR policies.

    To learn how to get Great Place To Work - Certified™ visit www.greatplacetowork.com.cy or call at 22 364 777.

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