Online presentation on the Russian-speaking community of Cyprus

Online presentation on the Russian-speaking community of Cyprus

Anyone can attend a free presentation of the first ever research conducted within the Russian community in Cyprus. With well over 1000 respondents the survey attempts to establish an initial understanding of the socio-demographic profile of the Russian community on the island.

It might be useful to those companies and entrepreneurs that consider Russians in Cyprus their target audience. Russian community of Cyprus exceeds 50,000 people, it plays an important role in the economic life of the island. During this online presentation held in Zoom you’ll know more information on the Russian-speaking residents and citizens of Cyprus.

• Who are those Russians that live in Cyprus? - Country of birth, citizenship
• Where do they live? (city of residence in Cyprus)
• Gender, Age, years in CY; Marital Status; Children; Number of people in the household.
• What is their income?
• How much money do they spend per year in Cyprus?
• Where do they spend?

If you find this information useful and you’ll decide to order the detailed report itself, during the event you may purchase it with 20% discount.

The event is scheduled on the 13th of May (Thursday) at 12.00. Duration – 20 minutes + Q&A session

If you want to attend, please register here:



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