Anna Bichevaya: “Partnership and teamwork are key”

Anna Bichevaya: “Partnership and teamwork are key”

  • Понедельник, 10 мая 2021 10:53
  • The Successful Business Magazine talked to Anna Bichevaya Alexandrou, a lawyer, partner at ALCS CORPORATE SOLUTIONS, a Larnaca-based law firm providing a full range of services, from company incorporation to advising on complex corporate structures.

    Anna, how did you start your career as a lawyer? Why did you choose this area?

    Legal environment, study of laws and regulations was an integral part of my work as a top manager in Russia. I completed my legal education in Cyprus, after moving here permanently, but even if I had stayed in Russia, pursuing this path would have been in my plans. There is also a certain continuity here as my grandfather, father and brother are all lawyers.

    Do you think that women have certain qualities that can be useful in the legal profession? What qualities helped you to succeed? Are they natural, or have you had to develop them?

    I think women are unique in their ability to multitask as we can successfully manage several projects at the same time. I believe this is in our nature. In legal profession, in my opinion, a certain set of professional qualities is required, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. Clients contact us with their problems, or to help with implementation of their projects. At all stages, they need quality support of their request.

    As in any other profession, a lawyer needs to constantly learn and improve. In today's world the rules and requirements change almost every day, so the desire and the ability to constantly grow and learn new things are especially needed. Along with this knowledge, it is necessary to understand how these changes, that are not always positive, may affect clients and what actions are needed to protect their interests in these new conditions.

    A constant desire to learn, develop, and achieve results, to solve problems and tasks that arise on the way, are perhaps the main qualities that are necessary in legal and any other profession. Family support, belief in yourself, willingness to face difficulties that are inevitable and solve them as they come, as well as an optimistic attitude are also important. Advice, help, and support of more experienced colleagues and, of course, friends cannot be underestimated. Everything is interconnected.

    What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome in your professional life? What helped you succeed?

    I'm used to breaking any obstacle down into small parts, defining each part as a task, making a plan to solve it, and putting the plan into action. A successful management experience certainly helps here. With a purposeful and systematic approach, almost any obstacle can be removed unless, of course, it involves natural disasters or deaths... Some situations are beyond our control, unfortunately.

    In the legal field, we joined forces with my partner Larisa Kuzina to establish our own company and, since 2015, have been working side by side, facing, bypassing where we can, and, of course, solving all the issues on the way. Partnership and teamwork are the key to overcome most of the difficulties.

    What are the most common questions your clients come to you with? What are you top 3 services?

    Our company provides a wide range of services to both businesses and individuals.

    To business, we offer registration and administration of companies in almost all jurisdictions in the world. We draft and review contracts and other documents required in the business process of a particular company.

    When it comes to individuals, we assist with immigration issues of any complexity and category, provide legal support for real estate purchase and sale transactions, verify transaction compliance, provide comprehensive assistance with real estate acquisition and alienation, and handle inheritance cases.

    On a more pessimistic, even if inevitable note, we conduct divorce proceedings. We also advise citizens on the restrictions and requirements due to the pandemic, explain to people their rights and responsibilities in the current difficult conditions. Unfortunately, very few residents of the island know and understand their rights that are guaranteed by law and the Constitution. As a result many are now in prostration, feeling desperate or hopeless, while there is a way out, but they should declare their civil position properly and timely and to not allow infringement of their legal rights and freedoms.

    What inspires and motivates you in life?

    First of all, I am inspired and motivated by my family – my husband and son, and of course, my parents. I have wonderful friends, for whom I am very grateful. They say you don't choose your family, but in my case I am lucky on both sides! Great family and great friends! I sincerely try to support them and always be there for them, as they are for me.

    Do you have any important goal or plan for this year? What is your general plan for the nearest future?

    In the current environment, it is very difficult to make plans. The main plan in this situation is to defend our rights, infringed by the Covid-19 restrictions, to help the maximum number of people competently and properly defend themselves and their interests, the rights and interests of their children, the rights and freedoms that they have by law.

    Anna Bichevaya Alexandrou
    Lawyer, partner
    Tel: +357 96693349

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