Eugenia Herodotou: “Once women reach the top, we’re there to stay”

Eugenia Herodotou: “Once women reach the top, we’re there to stay”

  • Четверг, 18 марта 2021 13:03
    • EUGENIA HERODOTOU CEO ENERGYINTEL EnergyIntel Services Ltd is a reputable company in Cyprus operating in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and especially Solar Energy for the last 15 years. Successful Business asked the company’s CEO, Eugenia Herodotou about the qualities of women in business, the challenges she faced, and an advice she had to offer.

      In your opinion, what qualities should a woman have to succeed as a business leader?

      Women tend to be seen as community-driven, compassionate, patient, and trustworthy leaders. They can be more persuasive in business than men since they show more empathy, they are calmer, less technical, and dedicate time to explain.

      There is an opinion that it is more difficult for women than for men to be a business leader. Do you agree?

      As men and women grow personally and continue their education, they have equal ambitions to pursue a successful career, with roughly equal levels of achievement – though some studies suggest that women do slightly better. As they move into their careers, however, women are generally paid less for similar work, do not ascend to the highest levels of leadership, and often lose their ambition and ‘opt out’. There is no simple reason for this and no simple solution.

      The loss of so many capable women from the higher levels of the workforce takes a toll on organisations, especially as we seek leaders who are capable of navigating organisations through substantial change and uncertainty. Women have to deal with more stresses, both in terms of quantity and variety, than men and face a very different cultural environment.

      They say that ‘especially in Cyprus’ a female leader is under more pressure… What has your experience been?

      Women all over the world need to work harder to prove themselves worthy. Whatever women do, they must perform twice as well as men to be perceived half as good.

      I am not a man and will probably never be fully understood by men. But that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of accomplishing the same things. I was always working in silence and placed myself in an environment run by men, so it was natural that I had to go the extra mile to prove myself – because men just don’t get us. And that’s okay, since when you go that extra mile, you do a better job, learn more, and grow faster. And once women reach the top, we’re there to stay.

      What one project are you especially proud of?

      ELECTRON247. It’s all about green energy and awesome technology! It is the first truly dispatchable 24/7 electricity delivery system based on solar energy. Electron24/7 utilises the unlimited sun energy, provides continuous supply, and eliminates mismatch of electricity demand and supply. Electron24/7 is a game changer. Last year we received a European grant for this project. Even though it is a Cyprus-flag project, it has worldwide potential.

      Could you give some practical advice to those who care about the energy efficiency of their home or office?

      Start from your own home because your daily habits can make a big difference. Switch to an alternative source of energy, try minimising your energy consumption. Contact EnergyIntel Services Ltd to learn more about all energy solutions.

      How do you personally handle the multitude of tasks? That being a mother of two and a strong leader at work.

      Being a mother sometimes distracts me from my job! Certainly, there’s nothing in this world more important to me than my daughter and my son. But motherhood also makes me better at my job, because it has taught me to remain calm in a crisis, think more creatively, and always defend what’s important to me.

      And what is important to you in life? Is there a quote you can share on this?

      My favourite quote is: “When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”. It is an expression that represents me. I found out about this a few years ago when I started taking my yoga classes. Every person has to spend a few minutes every day to focus, to enjoy the moment, to do what they really like. Controlling the tempo of our breathing helps control the state of mind in times of stress.

      Breath, Believe, and Achieve. Be happy, healthy, and wise. Keep on winning, smiling, living the dream.

      Eugenia Herodotou
      EnergyIntel Services Ltd
      Tel. +357 22 380 707
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