Giovanis Kouzalis: “We can create new synergies to enhance the business opportunities”

Giovanis Kouzalis: “We can create new synergies to enhance the business opportunities”

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    • Giovanis Kouzalis Corporate and litigation offices G. Kouzalis LLC are based in Paralimni. In the interview with the Successful Business the CEO of the firm Mr Kouzalis releases the firm’s plans for 2022 as well as the establishing of the one-stop boutique firm for the investors.

      Who is Giovanis Kouzalis? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

      I am the son of one of the first developers in Paralimni, Cyprus, following the invasion of Famagusta in 1974, and my Family had a deep foothold in the property sector. Upon completion of my studies in the UK, where the train of thought “every client matters” was instilled, especially during my working affiliation at C. P. LEMOS shipping company, I received my British Citizenship and returned back to Cyprus. My goal on returning to Cyprus was to put into practice all that I have learned working and living in the city of London.

      G. Kouzalis LLC provides a wide range of services. Are there any main areas of specialization?

      G Kouzalis LLC has several areas of specialization. These stem from the roots from my experience all these years as the CEO and director of the company.

      With this in mind, and my family roots embedded in the property industry, I have devoted the last 30 years into the legal aspect of property market. G KOUZALIS LLC specializes in Contracts and Conveyancing, Committee legislation, Intellectual property, Renewable Energy, Medical Negligence, Car Insurance Claims, probate and administration of the deceased’s estate.

      What are your firm’s plans for 2022?

      In 2022, we will be expanding and enriching the services of G KOUZALIS LLC in areas where we are already established with strong connections in the local market of these areas due to our affiliations with our esteemed associates.

      Furthermore, I will be launching our new boutique company TAILORMADE SOLUTIONS which will provide bespoke unique tailored services to clients globally, with focus in the UK, DUBAI, MALTA, JORDAN, GREECE, THE FRENCH RIVEIRA.

      Could you give a recent example of a particularly challenging but successfully resolved task?

      Through our experience in the property industry, our problem-solving skills, and our ability to work methodically, our office in conjunction with the committee of a project in Larnaca and all the relevant parties including the distressed developer, have successfully collected the funds required to complete the project (licenses, roads, pavements, services, green areas and much more) and we have proceeded to have the certificate of final approval issued. This will mean that the owners will receive clean title deeds with no notes, encumbrances, or memos on them for unfinished works.

      How do you envision the law firm of the future? Which sectors do you expect to grow, which services will be in demand?

      As a result of the COVID -19 Pandemic I do expect certain sectors within the legal field to expand such as medical negligence cases, probate and administration cases as well as communal fee matters.

      However, myself and my colleagues are confident that other sectors such as Renewable Energy – Photovoltaics, Biogas and storage, Intellectual Property and innovation; specifically schemes which are allowing taxation rates of 2.5% instead of 12.5%, Startups, Sport and Medical Facilities, as investors look towards alternative investment opportunities.

      Working alongside specialists within these industries and in conjunction with our new venture Tailormade Solutions, we believe that we can create new synergies to enhance the business opportunities on a much higher and elitist level.

      Your new firm Tailormade Solutions is designed to become one-stop shop for an investor. Can you tell us more about the company, main services?

      Tailormade Solutions is a boutique service provider and will provide specific services for each client according to their needs. From investments in Cyprus, UK, DUBAI, and GREECE to the French Riveria, Tailormade Solutions can provide property and / or other forms of investment opportunities not only island wide, but mostly internationally.

      Tailormade solutions can provide accountancy services in Cyprus and the UK, Intellectual Property advice, sports and tax advice, Advice on VAT issues in all the above destinations as well as sales, valuations and consultancy in the UK. We will tailor our advice to the client depending upon their requirements.

      How is Tailormade Solutions different from the others? What are the competitive advantages?

      Tailormade solutions is a multifaceted blend of professionals who have been collaborating for many years. As a result of this collaboration and combined with the fact that WE CARE, TAILORMADE SOLUTIONS is different because we have the knowledge and experience in many sectors At the highest levels. Due to our dynamic and creative thought process, as well as our extensive experience in our relative fields, TAILORMADE SERVICES, ‘the best of the best’ in our relative sectors to provide our niche skills to our clients for their specific cases.


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