Galaxia Estate Agencies - A high-level real estate agency in Limassol, Cyprus

Galaxia Estate Agencies - A high-level real estate agency in Limassol, Cyprus

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  • Galaxia Estate Agencies based in Limassol, Cyprus is a leading real estate agency with a multi-dimensional real estate portfolio catering for the local and international market.

    Established in 1977, the company has a vast experience in the property market, offering an extensive list of commercial and residential real estate, for sale and for rent. We represent sellers, purchasers, and renters in Limassol and the wider city region, whether someone is looking for a dream home, a relocation package, a commercial deal or a top-market property investment.

    Our vision has always been to create a high-level real estate agency, comparable to the agencies offering similar services in the big cosmopolitan cities of Europe. Over the course of our 44-year old presence, we have remained focused on our goal to assess the client’s needs at a bespoke basis, and offer them a diversified real estate portfolio in Limassol. Our strategy places the client at the centre of all our activity, and we have consistently built on experience and training to deliver premium service fast and effectively.

    Our services

    Through our long-standing presence in the real estate market, we offer real estate brokerage, including a wide range of high-end apartments, houses, and villas, commercial properties, plots or land at the most sought-after areas. At the same time, we have a rich portfolio of properties for retail clients, including city apartments, houses and commercial properties targeted for local entrepreneurs and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The great reach of our listings enables us to lead the property market; coupled with an entrenched trust and strong legacy, we have established long-term relationships with our clients, whether buyers or sellers. We also offer property management services as well as interior design. Galaxia Estates is certified by the Real Estate Association Board of Cyprus and we follow diligently the laws, regulations, and best practices of the regulatory system in place. We are a member of the key governing bodies, abiding by the strictest codes of practice.

    Our team

    Our team is highly-educated with a multi-year and cross-discipline experience, offering cutting-edging service to both High-Net worth Individuals and retail clients. Our global focus enables us to work through an international network of associates to provide the necessary business and brand support, required to conclude real estate deals of a high-calibre and for a demanding clientele. All our agents follow the company’s guidelines and standard of service and specialise in all types of properties, across the price spectrum. Our boutique-agency approach enables each agent to see each transaction through from the beginning to the end so that no paperwork or important information will be lost in the shuffle, offering premium representation to the client throughout the process.

    Catering to the real estate needs of a global clientele

    The face of real estate is changing constantly and with the fluidity of borders and enhanced mobility of global citizens, Cyprus remains a top-choice destination to rent or purchase property. We strive every day to deliver unsurpassed market intelligence and insights and use our strengths to help you successfully buy and sell real estate. We embrace your goals and are committed to achieving them.

    Why Limassol, Why Cyprus

    A global business centre and an upcoming Mediterranean Riviera at the eastern part of Europe, Limassol boasts a vibrant lifestyle paralleled to none on the island. The city is home to a multi-cultural society, and is based on a global outlook on business, living and entertainment. Benefiting from the nation-wide laws on a low corporate tax regime, a headquartering-friendly incentive and an easy-to-access permanent residence programme, Limassol is the place to be if you want to be caught in the middle of all action. The city’s real estate market ranges from the most exclusive property on the island and the region at large, including internationally-renowned branded residences, first-line beach apartments with 5* hotel amenities, smart-home and high-tech units, ideal for remote working and for citizens who travel both for business and pleasure as well as an abundance of real estate for investment. Commercial properties in the city compete real estate in the big business centres of the world, offering well-designed open plan working spaces, state-of-the art technology and integrated common facilities to satisfy multinationals and corporations which have chosen Limassol as their headquartering base.

    A response to a changing world

    The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is of paramount importance to Galaxia Estates; the fast-changing face of the world as affected by the global pandemic has forced us to rethink and redesign our practices in line with the new realities of the industry. We are consistently taking all precautions to ensure that viewings can be performed online, and we understand that many of our clients will have questions surrounding the precautions we are taking to ensure best practice at this time. Our strategic approach to real estate has enabled us to integrate global developments in our approach, and all our team is fully in-line and updated to satisfy all clients at the highest level.

    To find out more, get in touch at
    Galaxia Estate Agencies
    Arch. Makarios III Avenue 219, Limassol 3105, Cyprus


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