Digital marketing for service providers

Digital marketing for service providers

  • Среда, 24 февраля 2021 16:57
  • DMC-CY Conference is one month of actionable, proven, strategic content from online marketing experts that have been gathering their hand-on expertise for years of helping their own and clients' businesses to grow.

    This year we fully focus on Social Media as one of the most effective communication channels for any type of business.

    One block of seminars and workshops will assist participants who provide professional services in real estate, finance, insurance, business consulting, for owners of small and medium-sized businesses, legal and accounting services. 


    26th of March

    A workshop addressed to business leaders and entrepreneurs.
    Nicole Bremner «The importance of personal brand in scaling your business and attracting investment.»

    Key Points
    • Importance of personal branding
    • Importance of personal branding when aiming to scale your business
    • Communicating and identifying a micro niche

    • Develop social media audiences and engagement
    • Increased investment opportunities
    • Brand awareness

    Value/Long term effects
    • Increase of opportunities
    • Build a brand
    • Growth

    A workshop for everyone who works in professional service industry
    George Kitis «How to Convince Your Customer to «Marry» You in the Digital World.

    Key Points
    The required steps to build trust among your customers.
    Which tools of digital marketing to use at each step of the process.
    How to combine the tools of the digital world with the reality of personal contact.
    How to build lasting relations with your customers through digital media.

    A complete methodology which attendees can use to their companies.
    Tactics to help them at their digital campaigns.
    Full understanding of the way digital marketing is working.

    Value/Long term effects
    Increase of awareness, consideration, and customers of attendee’s company.
    A new methodology to help them find new customers.
    Increase of customers’ engagement.
    Enhancement of «word of mouth».

    A workshop addressed to lawyers and legal service providers
    Idan Nishlis «Digital Marketing for Lawyers Post-Covid»

    Key Points
    Influence of Covid on law firms and their clients.
    How to do business development during and post-Covid.
    How to harness change and opportunities arising from the crisis.

    Understand the trends affecting the legal industry.
    Learn how to adapt your professional service to the «new normal».
    Gain insights from recently published surveys and studies.

    Value/Long term effects
    Ability to position your firm better.
    Conduct better business development.
    Enhance client loyalty and retention.

    A workshop for health&beauty industry with specialisation in fitness and wellbeing.
    Justin Devonshire «Fitness Marketing for 2021: How to Get 3-5 New Clients Per Day For Your Fitness, Health or Wellbeing Business Using Facebook Advertising».

    Key Points
    How to create an «irresistible offer» that attracts prospects like moths to a flame.
    How to target your exact customers on Facebook.
    How to follow up & convert prospects into buyers.

    You'll know how to create offers that attract new prospects each week.
    The best systems to capture leads & follow up.
    How to make a huge ROI on Facebook Advertising (even on a small budget).
    Know how to close sales in a professional & ethical way.

    A workshop addressed to shop owners and marketers promoting retail companies.
    Nicos Andronicos «From Brick-And-Mortar to an online ecommerce store».

    Key Points
    • Acknowledge the differences between physical vs online store - Communication is key when it comes to customer experience
    • Build customer trust

    • Identify the needs of your customers
    • Identify the profile of your customer database
    • Keep up with technological updates
    • Optimize last mile deliveries efficiently

    Value/Long term effects
    • Increase sales and reduce costs by deploying efficient operations
    • Build a solid long term business online

    A lecture for those who is ready to accept a different point of view
    Kieran Sheridan-Lawler «There’s no such thing as digital marketing: the digital-ready culture; merging ‘marketing’ with ‘digital’; the virtual and physical gap is closing… quickly»

    Key Points
    Kieran S-Lawler takes a deep dive into the digital-ready culture we find ourselves living in. Explaining why the traditional silos built up by corporate businesses separating ‘digital’ and ‘marketing’ are not just outdated but hinder a business’s success.

    • An insightful overview of the issues that marketing teams face in 2021 due to a change in customer needs, the rise of the online shopper, and a time of economic stress.
    • A look at why top companies across the world are favouring unity between marketing and digital teams, as opposed to the traditional isolates approach.
    • Understanding why the virtual and physical gap is closing, and what marketers can do to benefit from it.

    Open Interview with Jerry Prochazka, International HR and Operational Executive
    «Personal relationship with clients: new prospects and realities».
    How to be authentic and to communicate it to your client? How to get people’s attention, how to keep them interested in you? What are new challenges and changes in communication practices? What has been changes in world-wide advertising and promotion activities? How the experience and analytics of big international companies spending millions to sell their products can be useful for start-ups, small and medium enterprises in Cyprus and Europe.

    Please fill in the registration form to register for the event. The cost of the thematic block is 60 euro (all seminars or some seminars of the block).



    If you would like to apply for one seminar only please email Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. (Mrs. Irina Patsalidou, Conference Coordinator). One seminar costs 35 euro.


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